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Research Initiatives

The Institute for Global Studies supports and sponsors a limited number of research initiatives and scholarly events. Typically, we support faculty driven research interventions on inter- and cross-disciplinary themes and topics that have significant international content and that allow faculty members from a variety of departments to come together to explore scholarly collaborations. These projects serve to foster and facilitate intellectual community building among faculty members and aim at exploring, formulating, and consolidating research projects to prepare them for external funding requests.

The support offered by IGS consists of administrative and logistical assistance and modest financial support for events and activities (workshops, work-in-progress groups, seminars, lectures, performances, reading groups, symposia, et cetera).

Faculty and staff who are interested in seeking support for these activities should contact the CSA Coordinator, Klaas van der Sanden at

Street in Busan. Street in Busan, South Korea. Temple food.Food served at a temple. Knicknacks.Stand displaying various knicknacks.