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Name Department Specialization Contact
Joseph Allen Asian Languages & Literature China, Taiwan, Taipei City, Chinese poetry and poetics, Contemporary uses of the past, Colonialist Photography 612-625-0122
John Archer Cultural Studies & Comparative Literature Suburbanization, Suburban aesthetics, design, and sprawl, The American dream and suburbia, Suburban media and the single-family Home, Urban space, place, and history, Architecture and identity, Architecture and landscape in 18th and 19th century Britain, America, and India 612-624-3830
Catherine B. Asher Art History Afghanistan art, Hindu monuments, imperial patronage, India, Indian art, Indian sculpture, Islamic and South Asian art and culture, Muslim art, temples, the construction of public monuments, Islamic art 612-626-8339
Frederick M. Asher Art History India, sculpture and architecture of South Asia, South Asian art, trade patterns, violence in South Asia, contested space in South Asia 612-624-4500
Ragui A. Assaad Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs International economic development, labor market analysis, politics and economics of the Middle East and North Africa, urban planning, poverty in developing countries, quantitative methods, women's work in developing countries 612-625-4856
Iraj Bashiri History Afghanistan, Central Asian studies, communism, Intellectual history, religion and ideology of Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, Iranian linguistics and literature, Islam, Middle East, Persian, Sadeq Hedayat, Tajik-Uzbek conflict, Taliban, Firdowsi and His Shahnameh, Islam and the West
William O. Beeman Anthropology Peasant and nomadic societies, philosophic anthropology, action anthropology, paralinguistic and nonlinguistic semiotics, sociolinguistics and the semantics of interaction, cross-cultural comparison of theatrical and performance genres, opera, Middle East, Islamic world, Iran, South Asia, Japan 612-624-8990
Saloua Ben Zahra Asian Languages & Literatures Arabic Language
Yanjie Bian Sociology Guanxi, Hong Kong, market reform, research methods, Singapore, economic sociology, state socialist societies, stratification, urban China, social mobility 612-624-9554
Hisham Bizri Cultural Studies & Comparative Literature Filmmaking, Avant-Garde Film, Modernist Film, Literature, and Music, Arabic thought and poetry, Exile, memory, and identity 612-625-8450
Timothy A. Brennan Cultural Studies & Comparative Literature Continental literary and cultural theory, 19th and 20th-century comparative literature, postcolonial theory, music of the African diaspora, problems of world literature and globalization, intellectuals and the media 612-626-1638
Jeffrey Broadbent Sociology/ Istitute for Global Studies Comparative sociology, culture and structure, environmental sociology, Japanese society, networks and identity, political sociology, qualitative methods, social movements, East Asian society 612-624-1828
Michiko T. Buchanan Asian Languages & Literatures Japanese Language 612-624-5793
Matthew Canepa Art History Art and Archaeology of Ancient Iran, Hellenistic Asia and the Late Roman Empire
Teri Caraway Political Science Comparative political economy of labor, transnational labor issues, Southeast Asian politics, gender and comparative politics
Giancarlo Casale History Ottoman Empire and modern Middle East, Pre-modern and early modern world history 612-626-4265
Tsan-Kuo Chang (Emeritus) Journalism & Mass Communication Media in China, international communication, news, sociology of knowledge, theory and methodology, mass media and foreign policy 612-626-7754
David W. Chapman Educational Policy & Administration Policy research, Program evaluation, International issues in higher education, Education planning in developing countries, Role of information (and information systems) in policy formulation and education planning, Government initiatives to influence practice at the school and classroom levels, with particular attention to developing countries 612-626-8728
Ananya Chatterjea Theatre Arts & Dance Aesthetics, movement, women's studies, choreography and performance, politics of cultural production, performance in global contexts, Theorizing Dancing Bodies, choreography and social justice, contemporary dance of Asia and Africa 612-626-2280
Arthur Chen School of Architecture Cultural history of East meeting West: the Jesuit transportation of linear perspective to the East in the 18th century; Heritage conservation in Baku, Azerbaijan and the feasibility studies of potential nominations, such as, Valparaiso and Iquique in Chile, Macau in China, and Cranbrook Academy; Design interventions in the industrial heritage of waterfronts, developing strategies for conserving historic urban landscape, and investigating building typology and urban morphology of port cities. 612-626-8158
Hangtae Cho Asian Languages & Literature Linguistics, Korean, Language Pedagogy, Old English, Phonology 612-626-0378
John J. Cogan (emiritus) Educational Policy & Administration Citizenship Education Policy Study, Pacific Rim Civic Education Study, Schooling for the Future Study of the Asia-Pacific Region 612-625-1896
Kathleen A. Collins Political Science Comparative politics, democratization/political transition and identity politics, Islam and politics, comparative post-Soviet politics, clan politics and informal institutions, civil and ethnic conflict, civil society development in Central Asia and the Caucasus 612-626-1672
Susan Craddock Gender, Women, & Sexuality Studies/ Institute for Global Studies AIDS and disease, health, social justice 612-624-6006
Joan G. Dejaeghere Educational Policy & Administration Policies and practice of education in Southeast Asia, Oceania, and Africa, as well as South Asia and South America 612-626-8258
Jigna Desai Gender, Women, & Sexuality Studies/ Asian American Studies Asian American literature and cultural studies, feminist theory, postcolonial studies, queer/sexuality studies, South Asian diasporas, Immigration and media 612-624-0363
Gail L. Dubrow History/ Asian American Studies U.S. Urban History, U.S. Women’s History, Asian American History, Public History, Historic Preservation 612-624-2800
Keiko Emmett Asian Languages & Literature Japanese language 612-626-9481
Genevieve J. Escure English Sociolinguistics, pidgins, creoles and other contact languages, Belizean creole (Central America), endangered languages (Garifuna in Belize and Honduras), Garifuna (Belize and Honduras), African-American English, Chinese-English Pidgin English, Chinese language variation, language, gender and identity 612-625-6095
Kale B. Fajardo Asian American Studies Globalization/Filipine Diaspora/Pacific World, Filipine migration and immigration to the U.S. and Pacific, maritime trade & cultures/oceanic theory, Philippine nationalism/anti-colonialism, gender/sexuality/masculinities/transgenderism, women of color feminist theory/queer of color cultural productions 612-624-4190
David Faust Librarian Librarian for South Asia and Middle East Studies (and Interim East Asia)


Gabrielle Ferrales Sociology Law and Society; Gender; Criminology and Criminal Justice; International Criminal Law; Quantitative and Qualitative Methods; Factorial Survey Methods for Empirical Analysis 612-624-5021
Gerald W. Fry Educational Policy & Administration Southeast Asia, Comparative education, International educational reform, Human resource development, Education and development, Politics of education 612-624-0294
Kyoko Fujimoto Asian Languages & Literature Japanese language 612-626-9481
Keya Ganguly Cultural Studies & Comparative Literature South Asian film and culture, Frankfurt school, sociology of culture, Marxism, film studies, cultural materialism, postcolonial theory and criticism 612-625-5871
Vinay K. Gidwani Geography/ Institute for Global Studies Post-socialism and justice, labor geographies, Marxism, identity politics and subaltern, social movements, geographies of work, agroecological transformations, social theory, India 612-625-1397
Michael Goldman Sociology/ Institute for Global Studies Political sociology, environmental sociology, development/underdevelopment, sociology of knowledge, South and Southeast Asia, transnational sociology
Oren Gross Law School National security law, international law, international trade, Middle East, Arab-Israeli conflict 612-624-7521
Carol Hakim History Nationalism and intellectual history, state formation, state-society relations, and authoritarianism in the Arab world, political and economic development of the Arab world in the late 19th- and 20th-centuries 612-624-9043
Abdelkader Hamouchi Asian Languages & Literatures Arabic Language
Tao Han Asian Languages & Literatures Chinese Language
Karen Z. Ho Anthropology Asian American Studies, ethnography, feminist studies, gender studies, global capitalism, global finance, political economy, United States, urban anthropology 612-626-1313
Sungok Hong Asian Languages & Literatures Hindi-Urdu linguistics and languages, Modern Hindi and Urdu literatures, Comparative linguistics and linguistic typology, Second language acquisition and pedagogy
Minori Inada Asian Languages & Literatures Japanese Language
Maki Isaka Asian Languages & Literatures Japanese theater and literature
Christopher M. Isett History Late imperial and modern Chinese economic, social, legal and political history, economic history, comparative history and social theory 612-624-1505
Qadri M. Ismail English Cultural studies, postcolonial literature, literary theory, gender/sexuality, historiography, democracy, human rights, the enlightenment, the british nineteenth century, cricket 612-625-6374
Bryce Johnson Asian Languages & Literatures Korean Language
Keiko Kawakami Asian Languages & Literatures Japanese Language
Daniel Kelliher Political Science Comparative politics, rural China and peasant politics 612-624-1671
Hisham A. Khalek Asian Languages & Literatures Comparative International Development in Education, Languages and cultures of the Middle East and North Africa, Politics, Government, and Society of the Arab World 612-624-7809
Amel Khalfaoui Asian Languages & Literatures Arabic Language 612-626-4620
Minku Kim Art History East Asian Art and Archaeology 612-626-7284
Sugyung Kim Asian Languages & Literatures Korean Language
Jane E. Kirtley Journalism & Mass Communications Constitutional law, EU data protection, First Amendment, free speech, freedom of information, freedom of the press, information privacy, media ethics, media law, media/military relations, national security 612-625-9038
Sonja Kuftinec Theatre Arts & Dance Performance and social change, community-based theater,theatrical facilitation: Middle East, Balkans, 19th and 20th century American theatre, history and literature, women in theatre, performance studies, Balkan theater, Cornerstone Theater 612-626-9238
Sharika Kurumathur Asian Languages & Literatures Hindi-Urdu
Jean M. Langford Anthropology South and Southeast Asia, death and dying, haunting, violence, and historical memory, healing practices and medicine, semiotics, poststructuralism, and deconstruction, science studies, colonial and postcolonial encounters, tourism and the commodification of culture 612-625-4092
Diyah Larasati Theater Arts & Dance Dance and Performing Arts in Global Culture, Dancing Body, Tourism & Female Citizenship, Genocide/ Massacres Cultural Reconstruction, Memory of Violence and Creative Project in Post, Conflict/ War Zone (Asia), Politics of Human Rights and Creative Arts, Dancing Body in Islam of Southeas Asia
Erika Lee History Migration, Race, and Ethnicity, Asian Americans, 20th-century United States, Law and Public Policy 612-624-9569
Josephine D. Lee English/ Asian American Studies Dramatic literature, theater history, performance studies, Asian American studies 612-625-9510
Juavah Lee Asian Languages & Literatures Hmong Language 612-624-9577
Mai Na Lee History/ Asian American Studies Southeast Asia, Southeast Asian Diaspora 612-625-6124
Richard M. Lee Asian American Studies Adjustment/well-being, counseling psychology, cultural socialization, ethnic identity, ethnic minority mental health, social connectedness, international adoption 612-625-6357
Maxwell LeYang Asian Languages & Literature Hmong Language 612-625-6534
Chi-ping Li Asian Languages & Literatures Chinese Language 612-626-9746
David Lipset Anthropology The state in the Pacific, ongoing interest in relation of democratic political discourse to indigenous cultures in the insular Pacific, symbolic, political-legal, and psychological anthropology, Bakhtinian dialogism and ethnography, Papua New Guinea, Sepik River, masculinity, personhood and modernity, romance cross culturally 612-626-8657
Jiang Liu Asian Languages & Literatures Chinese Language
Deanne L. Magnusson Educational Policy & Administration Comparative education reform, Internationalization of education, Leadership development and policy analysis in U.S. and international education organizations 612-626-9647
Ann R. Markusen Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs Arts, culture and economic development; regional economics and planning; industrial organization; economic development, local, state, regional; industrial and occupational planning; economic impact of high technology, military spending 612-625-8092
Christine L. Marran Asian Languages & Literature Japanese popular culture from the 1870s to the present, Japanese literature; early Meiji writing, especially newspapers and gesaku literature, Gender, sexuality, and identity in print and film culture, Ethics and the animal, Japanese and Asian film 612-625-0174
Nabil I. Matar English English 17th-century religious literature, travel writing, mysticism, modern Arabic literature, Arab-Islamic civilization 612-626-8320
Fumiko Matsumoto Asian Languages & Literature Japanese Language 612-624-5793
Jason McGrath Asian Languages & Literatures Chinese and international cinemas, Modern and contemporary Chinese literature and culture, Realism in fiction, film, and theory, Issues of convention and intertextuality in film theory, Art and the nation, Chinese and Western Marxism 612-624-2875
Meredith McQuaid Global Programs and Strategy Alliance

China and Law; Associate Vice President and Dean of Global Programs and Strategy Alliance

Ayumi Mita Asian Languages & Literatures Japanese Language
Hiromi Mizuno History Modern Japan, intellectual and cultural history, cultural studies of science and technology, nationalism and colonialism, human rights and international laws, gender and sexuality 612-626-7597
Sidow Abdishariff Mohammed Asian Languages & Literatures Evaluation of the methodologies of the Teaching of Arabic Grammar, Arabic language, linguistics,pedagogy,Islamic Civilization & African Diaspora, MiddleEastern and North, African culture 612-624-0580
Richa Nagar Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies/ Geography Collaborative praxis, politics of development, transnational feminisms 612-625-2028
Bic Ngo Curriculum & Instruction Culturally relevant pedagogy, urban and multicultural education in general and immigrant education in particular 612-625-7520
Fionnuala Ni Aolain Law School International law, human rights law, national security law, and feminist legal theory 612-624-2318
Ruth L. Okediji Law School International intellectual property issues with an emphasis on the relationship between multilateral trade law and intellectual property policy, the relationship between developing and developed countries in the international intellectual property system, including economic analysis of the bargaining strategies that facilitate harmonization of intellectual property rights 612-625-6475
Yuichiro Onishi Afro-Amer & African Studies Black radicalism and internationalism, African American history, Critical Race Studies, Asian American Studies 612-625-0513
R. Michael Paige Educational Policy & Administration Intercultural education and training, Intercultural competence, International education and exchange, Study abroad, Internationalization of education 612-626-7456
Lisa S. Park Sociology Immigration and welfare policy, Immigrant health care access, race, class & gender, Asian-American studies, Environmental inequality, Urban theory and methods 612-624-4300
Matthew Rahaim Music South Asia, music, voice studies, bodily disciplines, gesture, ethical
self-cultivation, phenomenology, performance, ethnography, sonic
Gloria G. Raheja Anthropology/ Institute for Global Studies Cultural production in India (caste, gender and colonialism), ethnographic history, the politics of representation, music and industrial capitalism in Appalachia 612-625-8547
Paul Rouzer Asian Languages & Literature Poetics and poetry of China and Japan, Buddhism, traditions of the supernatural in East Asia, medieval Chinese poetry 612-625-2564
Simran Sahi Economics International trade and finance, Hindi and Punjabi 612.625.6353
Arun Saldanha Geography Music, Poststructuralism, especially Deleuze, Tourism (Goa, India), Race relations, Feminist theory, Colonialism (Goa, India) 612-625-6080
Ozayr Saloojee School of Architecture Tradition and modernity in Islamic Art and Architecture 612.625.0690
Martin W. Sampson Political Science International relations and foreign policy, Mideast politics, U. S. foreign policy, International environmental politics 612-624-2389
Simona Sawhney Asian Languages & Literatures South Asian literature, Sanskrit literature, Post-Colonial Literature and Theory, Literary Theory 612-626-0591
Jani Scandura English Cultural studies and critical theory, esp. theories of modernity, materiality, subjectivity; 20th century North American literatures, film, visual and mass culture; European, American and (recently) Japanese modernisms; theories of space and place; stuff--theories of matter, objects, things, refuse, trash; sound and acoustic culture, memory; history of science, medicine and its intersections with philosophy; writing in cultures impacted by US imperialisms (especially Cuba) 612-625-9017
Byron J. Schneider Educational Policy & Administration World-wide youth development education 612-624-2590
Renana S. Schneller Classical & Near Eastern Studies Modern Hebrew Language and Literature, Biblical Hebrew, Hebrew Poetry, Language Pedagogy, Modern Arabic Language and Literature, Classical Arabic, Judeo Arabic 612-625-5353
Daniel J. Schroeter History Jewish studies, Middle East, North Africa, World history 612-624-2800
Virajita Singh School of Architecture Issues of sustainability and cultural change, conducting post occupancy evaluations on buildings, developing building related knowledge bases. 612-625-3447
Ajay Skaria History/ Institute for Global Studies Colonialism, environmental history, Indian History, Satipati, South Asia 612-624-7565
Hooi Ling Soh Institute for Linguistics, ESL, & Slavic Languages Syntax, Syntax-Semantics Interface, Chinese and Malay Linguistics 612-626-9687
Hoon Song Anthropology Suicide, US and East Asia, Sovereignty, Whiteness, Cyberspace/culture, Biopolitics, Critical Theory, Psychoanalysis 612-624-8980
Jin Y. Stone Asian Languages & Literature

Modern Chinese, Chinese Language

Teresa T. Swartz Asian American Studies Race and ethnicity, Gender, Families, Care work, Qualitative research methods, Relations, between young adults and their parents, Foster Care 612-626-1862
Polly E. Szatrowski Institute for Linguistics, ESL, & Slavic Languages Japanese language and linguistics 612-624-1860
Shaden M. Tageldin Cultural Studies & Comparative Literature 19th- and 20th-century literatures in English, Arabic, French, Empire and postcolonial studies, Critical translation theory, Politics of language, literary form, genre, Histories and ideologies of comparative literature, Aesthetics and biologics of race, nation, culture, Literatures of migration and diaspora 612-625-8445
Elaine Tarone Institute for Linguistics, ESL, & Slavic Languages Second language acquisition, learner language analysis by language teachers, impact of alphabetic literacy on oral processing in second-language acquisition, applied linguistics, bilingualism 612-624-2023
Kenichi Tazawa Asian Languages & Literature Japanese Language 612-626-9481
Diane J. Tedick Curriculum & Instruction The pedagogy required for the successful integration of language and content instruction, particularly in dual language and language immersion contexts, where a world language (e.g., Chinese, Spanish), or indigenous language (e.g., Ojibwe, Yup’ik) is used as the vehicle for teaching academic subject matter 612-625-1081
Leigh Turner School of Public Health Ethical issues related to the emergence of a global marketplace in health care, ethical and social analysis of cross-border commercial organ transplantation, "medical tourism", offshore cosmetic surgery clinics, "stem cell tourism", "reproductive tourism", "dental tourism", international teleradiology, the establishment of regional bioeconomies in East Asia, cross-border shopping for medications, global migration of health care providers, and global trade in health services 612-626-4830
Bee Vang Asian Languages & Literature Hmong Language 612-624-1935
Eva von Dassow Classical & Near Eastern Studies/ History Akkadian, ancient Near Eastern studies, Ugaritic, Mesopotamia 612-626-4787
Ann B. Waltner History Ritual, religion, traditional Chinese social history, law, gender, analysis of historical documentation, rumor, gossip, chinese history, world history, feminism 612-624-2800
Ling Wang Asian Languages & Literatures Chinese Language 612-624-2366
Liping Wang History East Asian history, Imperial China, modern Chinese social and cultural history, Republican China, travel 612-624-4834
Pei-Cheng Wei Asian Languages & Literatures Chinese Language
Gabriel Weisberg Art History 19th- and early 20th century art, art in France, Art Nouveau, decorative art, graphic art, Italian Renaissance, Japanese art influences (Japonisme), Montmartre 612-624-0323
Margaret L. Werry Theatre Arts & Dance Pedagogy of/as performance, anthropological approaches to performance as social dramatrugy, critical race theory, cultural politics and performance of ethnicity, nationalism, and trans-nationalism, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region, 19th century Euro-American and British colonial popular theatre and entertainment culture, performance theory and historiographic method, cultural policy and governmentality - tourism, heritage, fil
Travis Workman Asian Languages and Literatures Korean literature, film, and intellectual history; state violence and historical memory; melodrama; nationalism; humanism and its critiques
Blong Xiong Family Social Science Parent-adolescent Relationships in Immigrant Families, Adolescent Adjustment, Parent Education 612-625-5882
Tetsuya Yamada Art Sculpture, ceramics, art history, Japanese art 612-625-3228
Hong Zhang Asian Languages & Literature Chinese Calligraphy 612-624-2366
Zhen Zou Asian Languages & Literature Chinese Language 612-625-4826
Boy with Beads. Boy selling beads. Laotian Art.Laotian art. Finding shade in Bhagsu.Finding shade in Bhagsu.