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Ames Library of South Asia
In 1961, after more than 50 years of dedicated collecting, Ames gave his library to the University of Minnesota. The gift of over 25,000 titles, including manuscripts, photographs, maps, prints and drawings, immediately established the University as having one of the pre-eminent libraries for the study of South Asia in the western world.

Asian Languages and Literatures
The Department of Asian Languages and Literatures was formed in 2000 to help integrate, coordinate, and promote the study of Asian languages, literatures, and cultures at the University of Minnesota. In our courses, students can study languages, literatures, and other cultural texts of East, South, and Southeast Asia. We are interested in both the different historical and cultural conditions of these separate geographic regions of Asia (and various particularities within each) and in their interactions in regional and international arenas.

China Center
In 1979, the China Center was established to manage the University of Minnesota's exchanges with the People's Republic of China. For more than two decades, the China Center has reflected the firm and long-standing commitment of the University to international research, teaching, and outreach.

East Asian Library
founded in 1965, with only 18,650 volumes at the time. Since then, the library has become an increasingly important resource of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean language materials for teaching and research at the University of Minnesota, as well as at other colleges and universities in the state and region. The strengths of the collections are history, literature, art history, reference works in Chinese and modern/contemporary literature, history and theatric studies in Japanese language. English language materials on China, Japan and Korea are house in Wilson general collection by subject with other materials. The library acquires films produced in East Asian countries, they are, however, located in Learning Resources Center (LRC) in Walter Library on East Bank.

Language Courses in Asian Studies
Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Hindi, Hmong, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, and Urdu.

Learning Abroad Center
Study abroad programs in Asia and Oceania. The Learning Abroad Center is the University of Minnesota's comprehensive resource for study, service learning, intern, volunteer, work, and travel experiences worldwide.

South Asia Websites
These websites derive from work done by the Ames Library of South Asia for the federally funded Digital Asia Library project, centered at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Tandem Plus
The Tandem Plus program provides opportunities to practice language skills and explore culture. Partners meet informally, but on a regular basis, and spend half of the time speaking English and the other half speaking the student’s native language. Once matched, partners determine when, where and how often to meet. Program matches are made shortly after the start of each semester.

South Indian village woman. South Indian village woman. Namdaemun market vendor.Namdaemun Market vendor in Seoul, South Korea. Rail sign for departure to Pyongyang, North Korea.Rail sign for departure to Pyongyang, North Korea.