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Professor Ho

Dr Karen Ho

Anthropology 395 HHH Center 301 19th Ave S

Department Affiliations


  • cultural studies of finance capital
  • finance, globalization, and capitalism
  • ethnography
  • feminist studies
  • political economy
  • United States
  • comparative race and ethnicity


  • 2010. “Finance.“ Encyclopedia of Social and Cultural Anthropology, 2nd Ed. Barnard, Alan, and Jonathan Spencer, eds. Routledge.
  • 2009. “Disciplining Investment Bankers, Disciplining the Economy: Wall Street’s Institutional Culture of Crisis and the Downsizing of American Corporations.“ American Anthropologist, Vol. 111, No. 2.
  • 2009. Liquidated: An Ethnography of Wall Street. Duke University Press.
  • 2005. Situating Global Capitalisms: A View from Wall Street Investment Banks. Cultural Anthropology 20(1): 68-96.

Courses Taught

  • Anth 1003W - Understanding Cultures
  • Anth 1905 - Freshman Seminar: Wall Street, Globalization, and Me
  • Anth 3980 - Topics: Anthropology of Work and Corporations: Cultures of Capitalism in the U
  • Anth 4047 - Anthropology of American Culture
  • Anth 8810 - Topics: Capitalisms, Globalizations, and Other Dominant Discourses
  • Anth 8810 - Topics: Culture, Power, Ethnography: The Global City
Alternative Output Formats Alternative Output Formats
Boy with Beads. Boy selling beads. Laotian Art.Laotian art. Finding shade in Bhagsu.Finding shade in Bhagsu.