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Tsan-Kuo Chang


  • international communication
  • sociology of news
  • sociology of knowledge
  • theory and methodology
  • mass media and foreign policy
  • comparative research


  • Managing impressions online: Microblogs and the state media’s adaptation of online logics in China: Chang, Tsan-Kuo, Journalism: Theory, Practice and Criticism, in press.
  • Polls in an authoritarian space: Reporting and representing public opinion in China: Chang, Tsan-Kuo, Asian Journal of Communication, in press.
  • One disaster, three institutional responses: Legitimation crisis and competing discourses in China: Chang, Tsan-Kuo, Journalism Studies, 2016.
  • A new world of spectacle in the post-cold war era: China's central television and its significant other, 1992–2006: Chang, Tsan-Kuo, Public Relations Review, 2016.
  • Beyond Lazarsfeld: International communication research and its knowledge production: Chang, Tsan-Kuo, Michigan University Press, Internationalizing “international communication, 2015.
  • Not my horse: Voter preferences, media sources, and hostile media reports in election campaigns: Chang, Tsan-Kuo, International Journal of Public Opinion Research, 2015.
  • CCTV 24-hour Chinese-language news: From offline to online: Chang, Tsan-Kuo, The future of 24-hour news: New directions, new challenges, 2015.
  • After the spillover effect: News flow and power relations in mainstream Chinese media: Chang, Tsan-Kuo, Asian Journal of Communication, 2015.
  • Communication,public opinion,and globalization in urban China. Chang, Tsan-Kuo, Routledge, Co-Author, 2014.
  • From propaganda to public diplomacy: Assessing China’s interna-tional practice and its image, 1950–2009: Chang, Tsan-Kuo, Public Relations Review, 2014.
  • The news and local production of the global: Regional press revisited in post-WTO China: Chang, Tsan-Kuo, International Communication Gazette, 2013.
  • Changing global media landscape, unchanging theories? International communication research and paradigm testing: Chang, Tsan-Kuo, RoutledgeCurzon, .), International media communication in a global age , 2010.
  • Political drama and news narratives: Presidential summits on Chinese and US national television: Chang, Tsan-Kuo, Chinese Media, Global Contexts, 2003.
  • China's Window on the World: TV News, Social Knowledge and International Spectacles. Chang, Tsan-Kuo, Wang, J. & Chen, Y., Hampton Press, 2002.
  • Constructing International Spectacle on Television: CCTV News and China's Window on the World, 1992-1996: Chang, Tsan-Kuo, Y. Chen, The Global Dynamics of News: Studies in International News Coverage and News Agenda, 2000.
  • Reporting Public Opinion in Singapore: Journalistic Practices and Policy Implications: Chang, Tsan-Kuo, Harvard International Journal of Press/Politics, 1999.
  • All Countries Not Created Equal to Be News: World System and International Communication: Chang, Tsan-Kuo, Communication Research, 1998.
  • From Class Ideologue to State Manager: TV Programming and Foreign Imports in China, 1970-1990: Chang, Tsan-Kuo, J. Wang, Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media, 1996.
  • News as Social Knowledge in China: The Changing Worldview of Chinese National Media: Chang, Tsan-Kuo, J. Wang & C. Chen, Journal of Communication, 1994.
  • The Press and China Policy: The Illusion of Sino-American Relations, 1950-1984. Chang, Tsan-Kuo, Ablex Publishing Corporation, 1993.

Professional Activities

  • Visiting Professor: National Jiao Tung University , 2017 - 2018
  • Visiting Professor: National Chengchi University , 2016 - 2017
  • Associate Editor: Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly , 2002 - 2006
  • Senior Fellow: Nanyang Technological University, Singapore , 1996 - 1997
  • Visiting Scholar: Chinese University of Hong Kong , 1993 - 1994


  • Contractual Award, East Asia and Pacific Branch, Office of Research, United States Information Agency, July 1992 - November 1992

Courses Taught

  • Jour 3008 - Mass Communication Structure and Processes
  • Jour 4501/4531 - Communication and Public Opinion I & II
  • Jour 4801 - International Communication
  • Jour 5825 - World Communication Systems
  • Jour 8514 - Mass Communication Theory
  • Jour 8801 - Comparative Research in Mass Communication: A Cross-National Approach
  • Jour 8651- Mass Media and Social Change
  • Jour 3552 - Internet and Global Society
  • Jour 1001 - Introduction to Mass Communication
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